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Not sure what to put on your wishlist this holiday season? Why not treat yourself to some classic Levi’s® goods this year? Here’s a rundown on five of our favorite new arrivals from Levi’s® to keep you staying warm and looking cute in 2019.

These jeans are the best. Get ready to wear them and get compliments everywhere you go. They’re super high-rise (Levi’s® highest high-rise ever) and they are straight through the leg for a versatile, comfy fit. The best part? These jeans will only get better with age.

A denim puffer jacket?! Hell yes. This will help you take your Canadian tuxedo to the next level while keeping you ultra-warm. Talk about a win-win.

How did you first get into creating ceramics + objects? 
I took an art class in high school making stuff with clay. I was a shithead stoner/semi-jock in high school and was thinking of it as a blow off class but actually got really into it. After that I was hooked- and all my friends made fun of me for making pottery. Now I embody that same shithead kid while I’m making sports art and ironic stoner art which is really funny to me. Some people REALLY hate it! I love it.
Tell us more about your studio! Can you walk us through a typical day in the life? 
My studio is everywhere. In multiple ceramics studios, my Backyard, in my kitchen, in my car. I’ve always had a personal studio space but the last couple years I haven’t had one. Hand building stuff watching bad TV, casting out of the trunk of my Jeep, glazing in my Brooklyn backyard, firing all over the city. It’s been a real challenge, but I’ve definitely made the best of it. 
What’s been inspiring you lately?
I always say this but life, death, rap music, being a cool designer, kissing, cuddling, being happy, feeling dumb and other feelings, the 90s, junk food, popular culture, drugs, memes, novelty bongs at head shops, Law & Order SVU, naive outsider art, people watching, music, sports, fashion, and growing up! 
How did your style evolve to what it is today?
I was trained to make extremely precise vessels in college and it became really boring and sterile after a while. It became disingenuous, tiresome. I wanted something that provoked a feeling of innocence. Like naïve folk art, or a children’s drawing or pinch pot. I started making weird objects, mostly objects that are disapproved in institutionalized ceramics. Mixed the two and you get some really weird stuff haha. This was the start of making bongs. Some worked, some didn’t. Most didn’t. I liked that. 
What’s been inspiring you lately? 
As always my little goofball dog Pony! She is a Min Pin mix and has the funniest personality. I like to pretend she is my apprentice and we both have a deep passion for snacks. 
How did your style evolve to what it is today?
I think just naturally it has developed from making a lot of work. I try to be nice to myself when I’m working and mentally it’s allowed me to go to a lot of weird places. Also I take time to work in different mediums and try new things, then when I come back to ceramics I find that the new things have a way of influencing the way I work. Recently I bought a sewing machine from a garage sale and have been destroying all of my clothes trying to hem dresses. It’s a small disaster but hopefully something will come of that. 
Accessorizing has been all the rage lately and I can totally see why. By adding statement earrings or layered necklaces, you can instantly turn an outfit from drab to fab!
Let’s talk about bags. While many people might think that accessorizing means only adding some jewelry to their outfit, I am here to prove them wrong. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, there’s a bag for every occasion. When you’re at school, having a stylish backpack can make all the difference.
Now, let’s talk about necklaces. Throughout the years I have definitely become a necklace person. To be honest, I was never even a jewelry person until two years ago. Now that I wear jewelry on the daily, I know what I had been missing. Again, when I’m wearing an outfit that doesn’t show my personal style, I love to accessorize with necklaces.
I can guarantee that once you learn to accessorize wisely, your outfits will be taken to the next level, and trust me, you will NEVER want to stop wearing jewelry again.
Finding the style that truly suits you can take a lot of time. I’ve been working on this for years and I’m still not completely satisfied with my style. However, I do have a few tips on using social media to create your personal style, and I wanted to share them with you!


Pinterest is with no doubt, the best social media platform to use when searching for your own style. My pinterest account is filled with many boards that are dedicated to fashion. I think the best thing you can do when finding your style is to scroll through pinterest and when you find an image that you’re really drawn to…Pin it! Make a “fashion” board and add any pins that you think capture the style you most like. Once you do that, you can look at your board and see that maybe, you enjoy the bohemian style more than any others, or you’re into the edgy look. Whatever it is, it’s most likely the style that you will want to create for yourself.