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When using Instagram to create your own style, it’s important to follow the right people. Of course, I follow my friends and family, but in order to gain fashion inspiration, I had to explore and find accounts that showed me the style I wanted. I love the “save” feature on Instagram because I can save all my favorite fashion posts to the same folder, making it easy to look back on!


Youtube is the perfect place to look up “outfit diaries,” “clothing hauls,” and “lookbooks.” There is always someone who has a style that you aspire to have, it’s just a matter of finding it. Make sure to never give up. Keep watching videos until you find the perfect youtuber that can help influence your style.


How could I not talk about blogs when you’re reading one right now?! I have found many bloggers through Instagram and Youtube. Therefore, while doing the things I talked about above, you will most likely find bloggers who have your dream style. I can only hope that I am one of those people. Blogs are great because not only do people talk about the clothes that they’ve been loving, but they also show you pictures and link things. One of the main reasons I created my blog was so that I could help others find their true style while reading my posts. There are so many unique bloggers with styles that range from edgy to very girly, so there is a 100% chance that you will ultimately find the perfect blogger for you.
It definitely takes time, but once you realize what you are constantly looking at and buying, you will find the style that works for you.
Be persistent, and keep looking for the style you love 🙂

These must-haves for summer will keep you up and running throughout all these hot summer days. Drinks that will keep you cool, and accessories that are totally trendy are only a handful of the items talked about in this article.

These rose gold, circle sunglasses are the perfect addition to anyone’s collection. They are a little different than what has been selling in stores, but still trendy with the shape. Instead of spending over a hundred dollars on the circular Ray Ban sunglasses (which are still a super cute option), I opted for this fifty dollar pair from  (the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet Store). I’ve found that the rose gold goes with almost all of my outfits and they are a perfect pair for a sunny boat day!

I am a HUGE earring fan. They instantly transform any outfit into a more put together look. If I could choose only one pair of earrings to own, it would definitely be my pearls. In general, I like pearls on anything (bags, shoes, necklaces). However, pearl earrings are a must-have in anyone’s jewelry collection. They go with casual outfits like a workout top and shorts, and they can be dressed up with heels and a skirt. The possibilities are endless but in my opinion, anyone who wears pearls will feel, and look like a summertime goddess.

FINALLY!! I can share my crazy obsession with rose water spray to the world! If there is one thing I’m carrying around all the time,

Especially during the summer, this facial spray is refreshing and much needed. A little extra bonus is the fact that it smells like a garden! I couldn’t even imagine my life without this spray and I can guarantee that once you buy it, you will never want to stop using it. 🙂

I couldn’t talk about my summer essentials without mentioning my favorite speaker.

has a 360° sound and is also WATERPROOF. This is the ultimate shower, pool, and ocean speaker! The adorable white color is perfect for the summer but there are so many other colors to choose from, and so many shapes and sizes too! Plus, this speaker is super durable, considering the fact that my little brother throws it around and it hasn’t even broken!

One of my favorite pastimes during the summer is reading. I guess it’s the fact that I have so much free time, but I really enjoy it! My favorite thing to do is take a break from my phone, and just sit at the beach and read. Although I have a lot of summer reading (which I’m slowly getting done), I find artistic and fashionable books more interesting. Since I’m reading a topic that I’m passionate about, I can read a lot quicker, and take more from the book.

First of all, it’s easy to take on the go, it’s a great mini size, and of course the most important thing, it tastes AMAZING! I buy this cold brew coffee every time I go to the supermarket because I just can’t get enough. Instead of spending six dollars on a Starbucks coffee every day (which don’t get me wrong, I love doing), you can save money and be energized for the day!

The best shoes everrr!!

the perfect shoes to slide on (with or without socks). Not only are they probably the most practical shoes ever made, but they are also so stylish! As you can most likely tell, I’ve been obsessed with rose gold and pink lately so these shoes are my favorite. They go with everything and can be worn super casually or more dressed up!
when I went into the Los Angeles store on Melrose. First off, the store could not be more impressive. On the floor, there is each individual piece so you can admire the styles, colors, quality, and just about everything else. Then, you approach a big touch screen TV and select everything you would like in your fitting room. Before you know it, your name will be called and you will step into your custom fitting room with every piece you selected waiting! You can also change the lighting to see how the piece will look in all locations at all times of day.Along with their store just being amazing, their pieces are so cute, they are super high quality, and I am obsessed with the vintage trend!I love wearing out shopping, hanging out with friends, or even dressing it up for a nice dinner. I have worn this top with jeans, jean shorts, high-waisted skirts, or nice pants/skirts with a jacket.
AHHH it’s the best time of the year! It’s Nordstrom’s anniversary sale ! Today is the first day open to the public, so time to get your shopping on. Shop my favorites below!
Through  you are able to save for almost anything you could want by paying for the items gradually, so you don’t go in debt. My favorite time to use is when I know I have an event coming up in a few months, but I don’t want to spend my entire budget at once. In order to get all the pieces I want, on time, and not have to worry about saving, I love ordering all my outfits through about a month in advance and will slowly pull the money out of my bank account each day, without me even thinking about it!  makes shopping easy and stress-free, so shopping can be as fun as it should be. Whenever my items come in, I feel as if I have no buyers remorse because I know I saved for the item, I know I really want the item since I have waited so long, and I know I deserve it. 

My most recent purchase through Reel was a that recently came in and I am obsessed. I have always wanted one of these bags, but I never brought up enough courage to buy it until I discovered I could buy it on . Buying it on made the purchase easy for me since there was little commitment by only paying $10 a day, and the bag was here in what felt like no time!

In the future, I can’t wait to buy more items on  for special events or trips I have planned. I am already searching for the perfect dresses for sorority invites, the perfect swim suits for my next beach vacation, and even the perfect bag to reward myself with at the end of the school semester. really does make shopping fun, easy, and so guilt free!

Fourth of July is coming! We all know half of the fun for Fourth of July festivities is the outfits, so planning outfits now is crucial. Shop my favorites below with my 2018 Fourth of July Shop !

It’s almost May! If you saw  you know I am so excited for May and for Prom season ! If you are attending Prom, or going to the Kentucky Derby, or even a ball or gala,from  by is perfect !

Not only does the color pop, but  is also super simple and classic. I love the cut of the  and the fit because it’s so flattering while still being cute and fun. The price of  is also amazing too..I couldn’t resist it ! I know I will wear  time and time again. I can’t wait to accessorize it and turn it in to so many different looks ! Shop  now exclusively at !

It’s prom season !! When I am looking for a long dress, I always know the first place I am going to look is  From the accessories, to the shoes, to the dress,  has it all ! Whether you are going to a prom, gala, or ball.. this dress is to die for ! When I first saw, I knew I had to have it. From the color, the cuts, and the fit, is seriously perfect for everyone. The color makes this dress so easy to pair with absolutely anything and the cutout in the middle and by the leg makes  unbelievably flattering. 

More from Alice + Olivia and the Beatles ! I seriously cannot tell you how much I love this collection from Alice + Olivia..I would own every piece if I could ! 

This jacket in particular I love because it is so versatile. I love wearing this jacket as a shirt, or over tanks or solid or graphic t-shirts any day ! I always get so many compliments on it due to the sayings all over. The army green makes the jacket match everything while the colorful patches add a fun, pop to the look. 

Shop my jacket now on sale with the links below !

Don’t you just love a good sale? When I saw the Beatles Collection on the sale rack of Alice + Olivia on Melrose this week, I knew I was in for some trouble. For months now I have been coveting Alice + Olivia’s latest Beatles collection and debated quite a few pieces, including the Come Together Bomber.

If I still had this piece on my mind and debated buying it when it was full price, I knew when it was 40% off there was no question. I had to have it.

Ever since I bought it I have not regretted it for a second. I look for every opportunity to wear this jacket and struggle to not wear it with everything ! With the jacket being black and white, it goes with anything. You can dress this jacket up with a cute dress or fun skirt, or you can dress this outfit down with jeans or shorts. Shop the jacket now on sale below !

New York has always had a special place in my heart..and when it comes to Fashion Week I love the city even more. New York Fashion Week is by far one of my favorite times of the year, I am already counting down the days til I get to go in September ! 

Frame Denim, Stars, Diamonds..what more could I ask for ! This top I recently purchased from Frame denim is one of my new favorites. I cannot stop wearing it !

From the day my family started spending our summers in Los Angeles, my mornings always started out the same way. Arriving, we would be on east coast time and from the time we got to LA to the moment we left, we never adjusted. Every morning, mom and I would get up at 6 A.M. to go to spin class at our favorite spin studio, Cycle House. One of my favorite parts about this though was walking past Alice + Olivia every single morning on La Cienega right off of Melrose.

The holidays are officially over.. (sigh). While it’s always sad to say goodbye to the holiday season, it is nice to escape the craziness and get back to a normal routine. 

I am back in Los Angeles ! It was so good to go home for the holidays-but it is good to be back. After a holiday full of home cooked food and festivities, I am so happy to be going to some of my favorite places in LA to get back into a routine !

In LA, Sunday’s are arguably my favorite day of the week. I have always loved Sunday’s because they are relaxing, and a sort of debrief from the weekend, but in Los Angeles Sundays are especially special because of farmer’s markets, flee markets, and all the unique things going on ! 

Seriously could you not love  While it may be fall, it is hot in Los Angeles – like 110 degrees hot. When I saw this top at  I knew I had to have it. This Urban Outfitters Fall Tie Crop Top is so cute, light weight, and versatile ! My sister and I both got this top and I cannot stop wearing mine. I seriously adore it! Usually at Urban Outfitters, I wear a size small, but I bought a medium in this top because I wanted it to be a little longer and you can adjust the size around as much as you would like with the ties. This top is so cute with a high waisted skirt in white, denim, or black, but I am also loving it with jeans and even a leather jacket for when it gets colder!

Hiii everyone !! I am so excited to be starting a new segment on my blog..The LA Travel Guide Series ! For a long time now, I have received countless requests to write an LA travel guide or give recommendation around LA, but with the amount of amazing things to do here, I truly don’t think one post could do the city justice. Therefore, I am now going to start regularly posting about some of my favorite places in LA with photos, why I love it, and all that good stuff. 

Let’s get dressed up ! We all can admit, I love a good, comfortable, and flattering cute dress ! How could you not? Self Portrait is definitely one of my favorite brands, it reminds me of Alexis ! All their pieces are so unique and make such a statement while still being so classic. They are hip, fun, and a little trendy, but they are also timeless and while being pricey, I know I will wear them for years to come ! 

Time for some more !! As we all know from my last post about Summer Bees (see ), I am in love with their pieces !! Their jewelry is so cute and classic, I can’t get enough of it. I feel like all my pieces from there go with everything and they add so much to my outfit, while still being so simple. 

I don’t know about you, but this summer all I have been thinking about is DENIM. Denim shorts, skirts, overalls, and now dresses ! When I found this dress at Fred Segal on Melrose, I couldn’t resist. With back to school coming, I knew this was the perfect dress to wear to class

I don’t know about you, but I am also looking for basics that aren’t so basic if you know what I mean..The types of pieces that go with everything, but aren’t your average black, white, grey, top! That’s why I love this tank from Make Me Chic soo much! As all my followers know, I love to accessorize and lately DIFF eyewear has been my newest obsession. Their colored lenses are to die for ! But sometimes I have a hard time finding tops to go with my statement lenses, however this tank was perfect. Style this tank casually like I have it below, or dress it up with some nice pants, colored jeans, or a skirt ! I also can’t wait to wear it with blue jeans and my leather jacket in the fall.’s less than $10! The material is also so soft and comfortable, I never want to take it off. It shows just the right amount of skin, without showing too much so it’s figure flattering without being form fitting. What’s there not to love!?

It’s Music Festival season !! In Louisville, Forecastle is a big event and is continually growing each year. Usually about this time of the year is when my family goes on vacation, so I actually had never been to Forecastle before this year ! When I found out I was going to be in town though, this was not an opportunity to pass up.

It’s gingham season!! This summer gingham is huge and I am loving it!! Whether you are strutting spaghetti straps, ruffles, or just a simple shift dress, I absolutely love this trend and cannot stop buying it! 

Happy Fourth of July everyone !! Today my friend, Mary Charles, and I are sharing some super cute ways to style your red, white, and blue for the weekend!

It’s almost the Fourth !! Do you have all your outfits ready?! The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays for sure because of the summer festivities and of course the outfits! I always have the best time getting my red, white, and blue outfits together. There is so much freedom with what you  can do ! 

Happy Fit Friday!! I am so excited to be posting today to share the fitness tracker !! I am always on the move so wearing a fitness tracker is a great way to see exactly how active I am !

Well, High School is officially history !! It’s graduation season and things have been beyond crazy..with rehearsals, graduation parties, getting ready for college..I cannot believe how busy I have been ! So therefore I apologize for a little less posts lately, but my school schedule is finally beginning to calm down. I am also so excited to bring a couple new segments out in the next couple weeks that I have been working on for several months! I can’t wait to share it with you.

Who doesn’t need another casual LBD? I know whenever I am scrambling for an outfit, a classic LBD always does the trick. Not only is this dress so classic, but the leather pockets make this dress especially unique and chic. I cannot wait to rock this number to family gatherings, outings with friends, fun dinners, or even work! This dress is sophisticated, classy, yet so hip and easy to accessorize-you can honestly style it for anything! I purchased the dress, along with so many other pieces, from  for the most reasonable price. I love their site for absolutely anything I may need in my wardrobe! They have nicer pieces, casual looks, and just about everything in between.

It’s summer !!! Which means I am bringing out the bold prints for sundresses, rompers, and anything else to standout and fully embrace this fun season. After memorial day when the pools open, most schools are out, and the energy is high, I cannot wait to start strutting my new pieces for the season.

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